Our recall system to monitor your Health

We use a ‘birthday month recall system’ for chronic disease monitoring. Previously we have reviewed patients’ chronic diseases at different times over the year. This has meant that a single patient may have a diabetes review in March, asthma review in July and mental health review in December. Therefore all reviews will take place at one time of the year, and this will be the patients’ birthday month.

What are the advantages of this system?

  • Easy to remember system for patients and clinicians.
  • Greater convenience to patients. Where possible we will co-ordinate appointments so that the patient can see more than one clinician during their visit to the surgery.
  • Safer prescribing. We are working towards a system whereby all repeat prescriptions will be reviewed shortly after all chronic disease monitoring has taken place. This will help ensure patients are taking the minimum amount of medication needed to control their symptoms, at appropriate dosages for their current medical needs.

Reviews are spread evenly throughout the year. This evens out workload for clinicians and helps us to provide adequate and consistent numbers of routine and emergency appointments for other issues throughout the year.

What conditions should I expect to be called in for?

  • Diabetes annual review
  • Asthma and/or COPD annual review
  • Heart failure annual review
  • Dementia annual review
  • Learning disability annual review
  • Atrial fibrillation annual review
  • Significant mental illness annual review
  • Patients with a previous diagnosis of TIA (mini-stroke), stroke, high blood pressure or coronary heart disease (previous heart attack) will be prompted to provide a blood pressure reading to the surgery and follow up arranged if needed
  • Patients with a previous diagnosis of ‘pre-diabetes’ or ‘gestational diabetes’ will be prompted to arrange a blood test
  • Patients with a previous diagnosis of Rheumatoid arthritis will be sent a text questionnaire and arranged an appointment if they request this

Will I have my annual blood test on my birthday month?

If you speak to a clinician, it may be helpful to ask them if it is possible, and safe, to bring forward, or delay, your next blood test for your birthday month.

I have a chronic condition which is not on the above list. Will I be called in for a birthday month review?

There are some conditions that we do not currently have an annual recall system for. In the coming years we hope to make this birthday month recall system more comprehensive and so improve our overall standard of patient care. If you are aware that you have a condition, e.g. anxiety or depression, which requires an annual review then please do book this in during your birthday month.

Why have I just received a request to provide information over text?

We are increasingly using econsultation software (which is often a web-based questionnaire sent out by text message) for simple ailments and patient reviews. The aim here is to collect the relevant information to safely diagnose and monitor certain conditions and medications without the need for an appointment. We review patient responses and would organise a follow up if we believe this is needed.
Please be aware that we do enjoy and prefer face to face consulting, however by using this technology we can save our face to face and telephone appointments for patients who need a more detailed conversation or examination. Econsultations are also preferable, easier, and more convenient for a large proportion of our patients.

I am concerned about my condition now and do not think I should wait for my birthday month for a review. What do I do?

If you are concerned about your chronic condition, then please do book an appointment with an appropriate clinician; you do not need to wait for your birthday month.